Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go, Fight, Win!

Boy, oh boy, what will I do when the football season ends? Football has consumed every facet of our lives since summer with practices, games, equipment needs, etc. What will I do with the excess time and money.....But it is a blast while it is lasting!

By the time this post reaches the airways, Mariah will be in sunny Arizona for a week long visit with her Dad. Already I keep thinking that she will walk around the corner and give me a hug or come and ask me question after question. This will be a long week for me that is for sure. Have a great time Girl!

Week 6 in football found both of my teams victorious! On Friday, the Syracuse Titans held their Homecoming Game against friends and foes, the Clearfield Falcons. After some pre-game jitters, the Titans won a hard playing and hard hitting football game 16 - 9. At one point in time, the announcer mentioned that "Bryce Bennett, #57, make the sack of the Clearfield quarterback!" None of us, Mom and Dad, Sheri, Josh, and family, hadn't noticed if Bryce had actually been out on the field. We just jumped up, screaming with excitement only to find out that the announcer had said the wrong number and Bryce was supporting the team from the sidelines! But we are still proud of Bryce and his accomplishments! But really how cool is it to have your name and number said at a Homecoming Game!

Jacob's team, the Syracuse Midgets - Team Black, are just awesome! They have worked so hard and have only one lose to the season. So this coming Saturday, is the first round playoffs for the city leagues! We are excited to see how the team will do! Like Bryce, we are so proud of Jacob and all his accomplishments on and off the field!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Football Highlights - Week 5

One can tell that fall is in the air just by sitting outside watching football games. At the Friday night varsity games, we are now needing to bring jackets and again at the Saturday morning games.

Week 4 was a little tough to swallow - both of our Syracuse teams, the Titans and the Storm, lost their hard fought football games. The Titans lost to Viewmont 13 -7 and the Storm lost to Morgan 26 - 19.

But in week 5, each team showed their strength as they both won in stunning fashion! On Friday night, the Titans spoiled Weber High's homecoming by winning 30 - 0! Bryce was able to play the last four or five plays of the game!

Then on Saturday morning, Syracuse Storm faced off against a tough Clinton team. After a sluggish first half, the Storm went on to victory winning 19 - 0! Jacob played great. Most of the time he played against an defensive lineman who was twice his size!

I know that it seems that our lives totally revolve around football, but for the most part it does. If we are not a football game, then we are at practice. If we are not at practice, we are watching football. If we are not watching football, we are talking about football.....well, you get the picture.

Mariah is getting ready to go off track for three weeks. She is on the year - round schedule. One thing for sure, it will make the mornings go quite a bit smoother. You see, Mariah is not a morning person. She loves to take her time waking up and getting ready.

Even though life is totally crazy at the Bennett house, I am having a blast supporting each of the kids in all of their activities!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday Night Lights!

In week three of the high school football season, we found out that Bryce has earned a starting position on the defensive line for the Titans Junior Varsity Team! Wow, all those long hours at practice and in the gym have really paid off! Also, because of that hard work, he actually saw a little playing time (4 plays to be exact) at the varsity game on Friday night, when the Titans easily handled the Mtn. View Bruins 35-6. In my excitement to record this momentous occasion, I was shaking so bad that only 4 pictures were not blurry! Hopefully next time I will be cool as a cucumber!

Jacob's Team's, Syracuse Black, followed up the next morning (Saturday) with a win of their own. They won the game 32 -6.
Way to go, Bryce and Jake!