Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

Family Update

As I was thinking about what to write, I decided to just write what we wrote in our Christmas letter.

Bryce is currently a senior at Syracuse High School. In just a few short months, he will be a member of the first graduating class! It is hard to believe that soon he will be attending college to be a sports therapist and then leave for a mission. Bryce played football again this year and what an awesome season the Titans had! After a rough first season with a record of 0 - 10, the Titans turned it around with an overall record of 10 - 3. The Titans made it to the Semi-finals and were able to play at Rice Eccles Stadium. Go Titans! In December, Bryce was awarded his "letter" for football and he is counting down the days until he gets to wear his jacket. When not in school, playing football, or hangin' with friends, Bryce works at the local movie theater.

Jacob is in the 9th grade at Syracuse Junior High and turned 15 at the end of December. Besides growing taller than his Mom, Jacob played city football this year. He played on the Syracuse Midget Black Team as an offensive lineman and a member of the kick return team. Jacob's team, although they were the smallest in height, they made it through the first round of play-offs. Between his football schedule and Bryce's football schedule, we were living, breathing, sleeping, watching, and talking football constantly! But we had a blast supporting Bryce and Jacob in all their games! Bryce is now trying to convince Jacob to play for the high school team next year.

Mariah is currently in the 6th grade at Syracuse Elementary. She turned 12 at the end of December. She loves school and and everything about it. Mariah is still taking gymnastics and is close to getting her double back hand spring! If you are looking for a babysitter, Mariah has just started taking on a few babysitting jobs.

I am still working full-time at Ed Kenley Ford and found a new hobby this year. For my birthday, I bought me a new digital camera and took some photography classes. Between working full time, the kids schedules and just life in general, we are in constant motion! But we are healthy and happy and are loving every minute of it!