Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Queen For a Day

As part of the assignment in her medival unit, Mariah made a "castle" as the final step for her to become "Queen for a Day". There were different levels you could work on. The more work you did at school and at home, the higher up the social ladder you climbed. A few of the levels were serf, lord, princess, and queen/king. So when it comes to the Medival Festival that will be held later this week, Mariah will be able to participate in all activities because of her "status" as queen.

So yesterday, Mariah and I went to the store after school to buy items to make her "castle". We decided on rice crispy treats. Since I was on my lunch hour and needed to get back to work, I left Mariah to her own devices to complete this project. When I got home, she had just finished her "masterpiece." She designed, created, and decorated her castle all before I got home! Great work Mariah!

Friday, February 20, 2009

It Keeps Going and Going and Going and Going....

Bryce's car, aka "The Chick Magnet", reached a huge milestone tonight! Just as he was pulling into the driveway coming home from a school basketball game, he noticed the speedometer. Let's just hope that the "Chick Magnet" has another 150 to give us. I've already been priming Jake and telling him that this wonderful vehicle will be his mode of transportation once he gets his driver's license. He doesn't quite know what to think about that!

For those of you who don't know, the Chick Magnet is a 1998 Toyota Sienna Van!! Quite the cool ride!!