Sunday, August 31, 2008


With three football games in three days, it is a really good thing that I like football and for the most part understand the game. But playing football is something the boys want to do, so I'm there supporting them and yelling until I can't yell anymore!

Football Trilogy - Game 1
Bryce started this trilogy off on Thursday with a Junior Varsity game when the Titans faced off against Woods Cross. Come to find out, he played almost the whole game - playing on both the offensive and defensive lines! Way to go, Bryce we are so proud of you!!

Football Trilogy - Game 2 - Friday Night, Varsity Game - Titans vs. Woods Cross
What a great start to the Titan Football season! Two wins - one away and one at home. The Titans played a hard game and won 14 - 0.

Football Trilogy - Game 3 - Syracuse vs Farmington
What a game! First of all, the game started at 12:30 in the afternoon and the temperature was about 98 degrees! It was quite an exciting game. Both teams were pretty evenly matched. But with about 7 seconds on the clock, Jacob's team scored on a long touchdown pass. Jacob did a great job on defense and was on the kickoff team for the first time!

Our life just doesn't revolve around football, although sometimes it feels that way, Mariah keeps just as busy with gymnastics. She has conquered her back hand spring and is working hard on her double back hand spring. Keep up the hard work, Teeny!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Not to be forgotten, Mariah wanted her own post. This picture is of Mariah on the first day of 6th Grade!

Here Come the Titans!

We are the Titans, mighty, mighty Titans.....Yes, high school football has begun! On Friday, August 22, Syracuse High Titans faced the Roy Royals and went on to score their first win for the high school! It was an awesome game! You could tell just how hard the boys have worked since last year! Let's hope this win is a sign of a great season! Go #57!

Go Syracuse Black!

This is Jake's first year of playing football for Syracuse City. He is having a blast playing on the offensive line. His first game was held on Saturday, August 16. They won that game 27 - 0! So for the next five or so weeks our Saturday mornings will be busy cheering on Syracuse Black! Go #41!

This is a First!

Hey everyone! I have finally jumped on the band wagon and started a blog. So this is my very first blog, let's see how it goes.

With basically three teenagers in the house, two of whom play football, and one who loves gymanstic class, life at the Bennett household is in constant motion! And just to make life really fun, let's throw in school for all three, a job for one and a full time working mom - wow! can life get any more complicated.

But we are all healthy and happy!