Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Waiting Game....

The dentist and doctor appointments are done. The paperwork is finished and submitted to the bishop. The waiting game has begun!

Bryce completed his mission papers last night. I was surprised on how easy the paperwork was to complete and submit. It is all done electronically. Once Bryce is interviewed by the stake president, his papers will then be submitted to Salt Lake. After Bryce's mission papers are received, the bishop will be able to track when his mission call was issued and when it was mailed. Modern technology...what a blessing!

I can't say enough about how proud I am of Bryce and his decision to serve a mission. Life at our crazy little house will certainly not be the same with out him! But we know that where ever he goes, he will make a definite impact.

Love you pal!

p.s. Anyone interested in purchasing a super awesome van! The "Chick Magnet" will be up for sale once we know dates, etc.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life Happens!

Life Happens! Things come up and others get pushed aside....updating my blog is one of those things that has been pushed aside. Being a single mom with three teenagers, sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going!

I thought that I would share snippets of our family Christmas letter that we mail out every year. This way it will give everyone an update on each of us. Here it goes:

Bryce is now 18 and he enjoyed his first quarter at Weber State. He was a member of the first graduating class from Syracuse High School. He is still an avid sports fan - especially Syracuse Titan Football, BYU sports, and the Utah Jazz. Bryce is currently working with his uncle doing demolition work and working at the Syracuse Theatre to save money for his mission.

Jacob turned 16 in December and just this past week, he obtained his "official" drivers license. He and I thought we did pretty good only having to wait one hour and 30 minutes at the DMV. He did an awesome job by missing zero on the actual driving test. Jacob is a member of the Syracuse High Football team, where he played on the sophomore team. Most of Jake's year included weightlifting, football camps, and many, many football practices. Since starting football, we have figured that Jake has grown at least a foot and gained about 50 pounds!

Mariah also had a birthday (her 13th) in December! She is attending Syracuse Junior High and loves life as a 7th grader! She is a member of the Spirit Club with hopes of becoming a cheer-leader. She is such a social butterfly and loves to do many, many activities with her friends. She loves her new gymnastic class and is close to getting her "tuck" all by herself.

As you can tell, there is never a dull moment at our house! I've basically decided my job is just to maintain some sort of sanity amid the chaos of life with three teenagers, two of which drive! I am still working full-time at Ed Kenley Ford, teaching Sunbeams, supporting Syracuse Titan Football (two games each week during the season) and just enjoying life!

Family Pictures - 2009