Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Rooms for Bryce, Jacob, and Mariah

One of my most dreaded household jobs is painting. It is one of those things that I love it when it is finished, but I hate the process of cleaning, preparation, taping, priming, and the actual painting! But I am forever grateful for my parents who helped me with this "little project".
Since the upstairs was basically painted just a few years ago, I repainted Mariah's room and let her pick her colors and the accessories to go in it. She was fun to watch as we shopped for paint, pictures, etc for her room. She definitely knew what she wanted and where it was to be put in her room.
The boys rooms definitely have a new look to them. We took down the wall borders and the dark colors and just added a tan color to the walls. We have a little bit of decorating to do, but they are just not into shopping like Mariah is. When I ask what type of things they would like, they just tell me "sports posters". So off to the internet I go, looking for their posters.