Saturday, October 25, 2008


Wow, I can't believe it has been a whole month since I was able to update our blog. Between the flu bug and the fact that our computer and internet decided to give us fits, it's been a crazy few weeks. I have to agree with a tv commercial when it says, "Life comes at you fast..."

To begin with Jacob's football team lost their playoff game to a GIGANTIC Box Elder team on an extremely cold and rainy day at the beginning of this month. But what an awesome season for them! We are so proud of Jacob and the time and effort he spent in his first year of city league football. He has been talking about trying out for the sophmore team at Syracuse High with his cousin, Tyler. I think we might just have to give him a little push!

Mariah has been busy too. With gymnastics, art projects, friends, and school work, she keeps life fun. Tonight she is out on her first night time babysitting job. My littlest one is growing up! I can't believe it.

Our world lately has been revolving completely around Syracuse Titan football! After their first season with a record of 0 - 10 and playing with no seniors, the only way to go was up. And up they went! As of last night, the Titans earned second place in Region 5 football after a tough game against Davis. Bryce and the entire football team and coaches have worked so hard on and off the field to accomplish their goals. Their overall record for the year was 8-2! Awesome job, Titans! In winning last night, the Titans have earned home field in the upcoming playoff game with Kearns at the end of the week. Good Luck Titans!

An exciting note about last night game was that Bryce was picked by the coaches and team captains to be an honorary captain for the game. I think I was much more excited about this than he was. In being an honorary captain, he helped lead the team in their stretching exercises before the game and the second half and participate in the coin toss. We made sure that we were at the game about an hour before it started to watch and support Bryce. We are so proud of Bryce and all the hard work and dedication he has put into being on the football team!

A tradition that I thought was a nice touch was that at the last home game, the senior players and their parents were recognized. As parents, we met up with our sons at the 50-yard line. Then one by one, each senior was recognized. There were three white roses for the players to present to their moms. Then as we walked to the end of the field, a photographer was standing by to capture the moment. I have to tell you that it really brought tears to my eyes!

Now the question is....when football is over, what will occupy our time?