Saturday, June 20, 2009



On June 5, 2009, Bryce was one of 383 graduates in the first graduating class from Syracuse High School. Way to go Bryce! We are so proud of Bryce and all his accomplishments! We are also very excited for this next step in his life.

Misc Pictures

Ok, so I figured out what I was doing wrong! So here are a few pictures of Jake's guitar concert and his 7 on 7 competition at Weber County Fairgrounds. And a fun one of Mariah!

Computer Madness!

I'm been working on new posts for the family blog and trying to add pictures to the boy's individual posts and wouldn't you know it....for some stupid reason I can't add pictures. I worked on Mariah's just fine and now I can't seem to do anything with the boy's posts. Maybe I will wait for a while and then try again! Computers are getting to be the bain of my existence!


What a crazy few weeks for Jacob! Ever since school has been out, Jacob has been practicing with the Syracuse High School football team first thing in the morning. This past week he was at the BYU Football Camp with his cousin, Tyler. This week he will be busy with Titan Football Camp.

Keep up the hard work, Jake!


It has been a pretty hectic few weeks. So not to forget anyone or anything, I will post things about them individually. To begin with, Mariah graduated from elementary school on June 4. That morning I was able to watch her perform in the school's Spring Fling. It seems to be a tradition that the 6th graders do a "stick dance" to "We will Rock you" by Queen. She did a really good job! That night at her graduation and she won the "President's Education Award". She is getting really excited to go to junior high. So far her summer has been all about "hanging out" with her friends. Congratulations to Mariah!