Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School!!

It was a very big day at my house. Each of the kids set off this morning on new adventures!! Bryce attended his first day of college, Jacob - his first day of high school, and Mariah - her first day of junior high! It is hard to believe that the kids have grown that much! I can remember each of them as tiny, tiny babies. This is such a fun and busy time in all their lives and I am so proud of each one of them!

Now once I get home from work, it will be a mad dash to the store to get all the school supplies that are always needed: binders, colored pencils, etc. I have been trying to pick up a few things here and there, so our visit to the store should be fairly painless. Which is good, because I have a wonderful summer cold and really don't want to fight the crowds.

As always, Bryce and Jacob really didn't want their pictures taken. But I got them to stand for a few pictures anyway. No problems with Mariah, she loves the camera.

Good luck to you all on an awesome school year!

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