Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mariah and Her Braces

I have known for a while that Mariah would need to have braces. And just recently we have been given the green light from the dentist that it was time to begin. We went last Tuesday to Coleman Orthodontics for a consultation and she got four spacers put in at that time.
She has been so, so excited to get her braces on. Yesterday was the big day. I am surprised that she let me take pictures. The boys, Bryce and Jacob, never would let me. So, we have pictures from before, during, and after (although they show up backwards in this post!). She was very brave and patient throughout the process. She had our really cute friend, Kelli, as her hygenist. I think that really helped Mariah to relax. Kelli explained everything that she was going to do, what instrument she was using, and just talking to Mariah.

Mariah will need to have her braces on for almost two years. It was fun to watch her decide what color of bands she would use. It became the question of the day, "What color of bands should I get?" and then she would run through different color combinations.
So for the next few years, we will see various colors in Mariah's mouth when she smiles her cute little smile!

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